2015 Results and Photos

1-2015_11_01_November Classic 2015 Burley W_53
Photo credit: Mark Howell

For the 2015 event we provided live results posted to the Internet as the day progressed. These results then became the provisional and final results for the event. Using the race-results.info service allows us to achieve the live timing and offer social sharing to Facebook and Twitter, etc. The downside is that the splits analysis is very basic.

Here are links to the various results and analysis pages:

race-results.info (good for sharing on social media)

EMIT UK (traditional results with splits positions)


We had some problems with results on the evening of the event. At this time we also posted the event to Routegadget. About 40 routes were drawn on these incorrect results so we’ve left the incorrect version available.

Routegadget – this has the correct results. Please use this one to post your routes.

Routegadget – incorrect results but left available as so many routes have been added.

Photos from Mark Howell. Please credit Mark if you use the photos elsewhere.