2014 Results, photos and more

Photo slideshow

Click to display the photo that’s showing. From there you can display the whole album and download photos. Please feel free to use the photos for anything that doesn’t generate a profit. Please photo credit Pete Davis.

Photos were taken at the start between 9:45 and 10:40 and the finish between 10:50 and 11:30.

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Results on the EMIT UK website

BO Ranking points for the event

Results for the UK Orienteering League 2014



RouteGadget for long courses (A3 map)

RouteGadget for short courses (A4 map) – sorry for the delay in getting these courses on. They are there now. Please add your routes.

On RouteGadget we’ve collapsed the Age Classes into the colour-coded courses so that you can compare routes across all runners on your course.

Comments from officials

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