2013 The Map, Terrain and Courses


The event area has a wide variety of typical New Forest terrain ranging from fast running open areas through semi-open areas with scattered trees to established mature mixed woodland. The event is centred on a plateau with very gently sloping valleys to the north and south-west. The very longest courses will also visit a small ridge in the far north of the area. Unfortunately, some recent thinning near the start has left some brashing that affects all courses but this is quickly passed. A further area of very recent thinning will affect the 3 longest courses in the far north-east of the area.

Road Crossings and Out of Bounds

Apart from White, Yellow & Orange, all courses will cross a public road twice. Please follow the tapes and Marshals’ instructions. The road and its verges are a forbidden route and must not be used apart from at these crossing points. The three longest courses also cross a railway which is out of bounds to all competitors. These courses are planned to cross the railway at two very obvious bridges.

White, Yellow and Orange courses

These courses will encounter one taped route between two controls. The White and Yellow courses will also be supported with ‘smiley’ and ‘sad’ face signs along an indistinct path through woods.


  • Typical of the New Forest, the area has many drains running through it. Only the main drains are mapped. Smaller drains and feeder ‘herringbone’ drains have been omitted.
  • There are very many fallen trees and root stocks across the area. These have not been mapped. Only distinct knolls, of varying sizes, are mapped.
  • Distinct trees have only been mapped in open areas where they are a very obvious aid to navigation. They are depicted by a green circle symbol.
  • Small, distinct bushes have been mapped using the green dot symbol.
  • There are many hides. These are mapped using the black X symbol.
  • There is one ruined tower mapped using a black circle.


Map scale 1:10,000 for all courses.

Course No Colour Classes

A/Long Classes

Equivalent B/Short classes Length (km) Climb (m)
1 White M10B,W10B 2.0 40m
2 Yellow M10,W10 M12B,W12B 2.6 55m
3 Orange M12,W12 M14B,W14B 3.2 65m
4 Light Green M14,W14 M16B,W16B 4.1 55m
5 V Short Green W75,W80,






3.8 60m
6 Short Green M75,M80,






4.2 65m
7 Green M70,





4.7 55m
8 Short Blue M65

W18, W45,W50




5.9 75m
9 Blue Women W20,


  6.8 75m
10 Blue Men M16,M55,


M35S,M40S 6.7 85m
11 Long Blue M45,M50   7.1 100m
12 Short Brown M18,M20


M21S 8.2 100m
13 Brown M35,M40   10.3 125m
14 Black M21   12.7 150m