November Classic 2017 – Final Details

Southampton Orienteering Club

50th November Classic and

Southern Championships

Final Details as at 31st October 2017

Version 4

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Date                        Sunday 5th November 2017

Venue         Highland Water and Acres Down, New Forest

Car Park and Assembly Area

Field, entrance is at GR SU279092

The nearest postcode is SO43 7GA

Assembly is at the far side of the field

Travel Directions

From North & East from blue sign at end of M27 continue along A31 for 2.3 miles up hill and past Rufus Stone services. Then take next road on left, signed Emery Down. This road has a 40mph limit and is liable to have wandering ponies, cattle and donkeys. The car park field is signed in on right 2 miles after leaving the A31.

From West leave A31 at beginning of M27. Follow directions as for North & East. Note there is no Right Turn off A31 at Stoney Cross.

From South go through Lyndhurst (long one way system) and turn left to Swan Green. At Swan Green turn right signed Emery Down. Continue for 0.9 miles, going past the New Forest Inn. The car park field is on the left.

On leaving the event only those travelling west can turn left out of the car park as there is no exit east onto the A31. If travelling east or north turn right on leaving the car park to go through Lyndhurst. There may be road works in the centre of Lyndhurst although they are due to be finished the week before.


Toilets in Assembly field

Traders: British and Continental Catering, O Nosh catering, Ultrasport & Compass Point

Enquiries in the marquee from 8.30 – 12.30

Marquee for meeting, viewing previous Classic memorabilia, Classic O tops, Southern Championships trophies and prize giving

First Aid: The Response Group will be near Finish

Naughty Numbers and a Maze will be situated in the Assembly field for youngsters to enjoy. This is instead of a string course. Have as many turns as you would like!

Southern Championships and Registration

Entries via Fabian 4. Closing Date 30th October. Variable fees. No entry after this date.

BO members: Seniors £18, / Juniors & under 25 £9. Non BO + £2.

Emit hire £1.50, Juniors + under 25 Free

Last minute: Seniors £22 / Juniors & Under 25  £ 11

Postal Entries on SEF to  November Classic, 23 Campion Drive, Romsey, Hampshire. SO51 7RD by October 27th. Cheques made payable to Southampton Orienteering Club.

Results Display

Results will be displayed in/near the marquee.

Course/Class combinations

Course Length Climb TD Start Map scale Classes Colour
1 16.7 405 5 Red 15 M21E
2 11.6 300 5 Red 15 M20E,M18E, M35L,M40L,M21L,W21E
3 9.9 240 5 Red 10 M45L, M50L
4 8.9 235 5 Red 10 M55L, M18L, M20L, W21L, M21S
5 8.0 190 5 Red 10 M60L,M16A
6 7.7 170 5 Red 15 W20E,W18E,W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S
7 6.8 185 5 Red 10 M65L, M45S, M21V, W45L, W50L
8 6.4 145 5 Red 10 M70L, M50S, M55S, M20S, M18S, W55L, W21S, W20L, W18L, W16A Blue
9 5.4 160 5 Red 10 M75L, M60S, W60L, W35S
10 4.9 165 5 Red 10 M65S, W65L, W70L, W40S, W45S, W50S Green
11 4.0 130 5 Red 10 M80, M70S, W75, W20S, W18S, W21V, W55S,W60S Short Green
12 3.2 105 5 Red 10 M85,M90,M75S, W80, W65S, W70S VSGreen
13 1.9 50 5 Red 10 W85,W90
14 5.5 125 4 Red 10 M14A, M16B Light Green
15 4.2 105 4 Red 10 W14A, W16B
16 3.2 55 3 Blue 10 M12A, M14B, W12A, W14B Orange
17 2.3 30 2 Blue 10 M10A, M12B, W10A, W12B Yellow
18 1.7 10 1 Blue 10 M10B, W10B White


There are 18 courses, each one with one or more classes. The competitor can choose which class to pre-enter, either an age class (E/L/S) or an open Colour class.

To be eligible for titles/prizes in the Southern Championships you must be a member of British Orienteering, registered through SCOA, SEOA or SWOA and compete in your E/L/A age class or run up (eg a M40 can compete in M21, a M16 can compete in M18A, M20L or M21E).

The Organiser reserves the right to consolidate entries for E and L classes into one class in the 18,20 and 21 age groups if entry numbers are low, to provide credible competition.

There is no late entry for Championship classes.

Only White, Yellow & Orange classes will be available for EOD, £10 per map.

Start times will be published on the Fabian4 website by the morning of Wednesday 1st November. Range 9.30 – 12.00. Courses close 14.30.

Start lists will be available at Enquiries and at the Starts.

Spare Emit back up cards will be available at Enquiries.

Competitors who have their own Emit cards may go straight to the Start.

As this is a Level A event start times cannot be changed. If you miss your start we will try to fit you in as soon as possible, but some courses are very full so it could be a long wait. Start times will NOT be changed

Results will be produced by age class on the day and also by course online.

Prize giving

Southern Championship trophies will be on display in the marquee.

There are trophies for eligible premier age class winners and medals for the first 3 eligible places in each E/L/A age class. (M/W 18/20/21 E/L/A for other age classes: M/W 10-80, medals only for M/W 85/90)

The prize giving will take place in the marquee at about 2.15pm. Prizes will be presented by Mike Johnson, one of the officials at the 1st November Classic.

Please stay to congratulate the winners.

Trophy and medal winners will be called up a few minutes ahead of the presentation for their age class and should assemble at the left side of the marquee. The order will be displayed in the marquee. After receiving trophies please proceed to the side of the marquee to collect trophy boxes, record receipt of trophy and give you consent for your photograph to be published.

Emit Card Issue and Return

Competitors hiring Emit cards need to collect them from Enquiries before going to the start

Hired Emit cards will be collected at Download.

A charge of £45 will be made for lost cards

Spare back up cards will be available for competitors with their own cards at Enquiries


The Starts are approximately 4/500m from the Assembly field. The route to the Red Start will be taped from the SW corner of the field. It goes south along a wide track for 400m and then across an open area, but there are a couple of properties who may be moving vehicles during the event. As it is close by there will not be a clothing dump. If conditions are adverse clothing could be left there but would need to be collected after your run. There is plenty of room for warming up.

The route to the Blue Start goes along the same track, but heading north

Call up is at -4 minutes.

Maps will be in boxes labelled with course number (1 – 18) and classes on each course.

It is up to competitors to arrive in time. Late arrivals will only be allowed to start when a suitable vacant slot is available when it does not affect the seeding. On heavily subscribed courses this may result in a long wait. Start times will NOT be changed.

Control descriptions will be printed on the map and loose descriptions, on waterproof paper, will be available in the start lanes. Courses 17 & 18 will have written descriptions, all other courses will have pictorial descriptions.

Non-Championship runners on courses 17 &18 only, ie only those running White and Yellow classes will be able to see their maps before they start.

Shadowing of orienteers competing in Championship courses is not permitted. Anyone shadowing someone doing a non-Championship (colour) course must do so after their run.

Crossing Points

Courses 1 – 6 cross Highland Water which is a large stream with some deep holes. Suitable crossing points which have been overprinted on the map are either fords or bridges. They are indicated by a )( symbol. These crossing points are not compulsory but advised, unless stated otherwise in Assembly and the Start on the day of the event.


The finish is in the Assembly field. Please proceed direct to Download once you have completed your course, or if you are retiring.

Courses close at 14.30

Map and Planners Notes

The area consists of open heathland, natural deciduous woodland and enclosed managed forest areas.

The following special mapping symbols have been used:

  Man-made feature from natural materials – usually a hide or shelter
  Other man-made features – triangulation pillar, prominent sign-posts & memorial seats
  Large distinct tree – generally trees in open areas over 2.5m high
  Small distinct trees and thickets – generally trees under 2.5m high in open areas or thickets
  The non-IOF symbol for platforms has been used

Individual fallen trees that offer little obstacle to progress have not been mapped. Larger fallen trees and groups of fallen trees that impede general progress have been mapped using the undergrowth symbols. Individual rootstocks are not mapped.

In the open areas, the more extensive patches of gorse are mostly passable. They have been mapped using the appropriate undergrowth symbol. Distinct clumps of impassable gorse over approximately 10m ² have been mapped using the impassable vegetation symbol. Individual gorse bushes smaller than this are not mapped.

Courses 1, 2 & 6 use an A3 map at 1:15 000

All other courses use an A3 map at 1:10 000

Both maps have 5m contours and are printed on waterproof paper. Map is drawn to ISOM m2000 specification.

Control descriptions are printed on all maps and loose descriptions, on waterproof paper, will be available in the start lanes.

A sample Emit control will be displayed at Assembly

Courses close at 14.30


If you have any reason to complain about your course please talk informally with the Organiser in the first instance. If it is not possible to resolve the issue, please follow the British Orienteering rules on complaints, protests and appeals.


Ticks are present in the New Forest – wear full length clothing and check yourself after your run.

Free roaming ponies, cows, donkeys and pigs are part of the attraction of the New forest, but they can be unpredictable. Do not approach them or attempt to feed them. They may bite, kick or do both!

There is public access to the New Forest. Please respect the rights of others, particularly horse riders

Emit will be used to check competitors into and out of the forest. You must report to Download even if retiring.

Competitors travelling alone are encouraged to leave a set of keys at Enquiries.

Competitors are advised to carry whistles.

Dogs on a lead are welcome in the car park field. It is a farmer’s field used by livestock. Dogs are not allowed on courses.

Any competitor with a high risk medical condition is invited to download and complete the standard BO form (officials_handbook_safety_firstaid_medical form_280514.doc). Place it in a sealed envelope with your name on the outside and leave it at Enquiries. Envelopes will only be opened if required for a medical emergency and unopened envelopes will be destroyed immediately after the event.

Competitors take part in this event at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.


We expect to have a photographer, Steve Rush, (BO accredited) at the event, specifically for the prize giving.

You are welcome to take photos at the event, but be respectful of other people’s privacy and do not take inappropriate or intrusive photos.

Special Details

British Orienteering rules, including Competition Rule 1 – Area championships, apply.

Digital printing of maps has been approved by E & CC.

The Organiser reserves the right to insist that waterproof jackets with hoods are carried. Please come prepared. Notices will be displayed at Assembly, the exit to the Starts and the Starts if they are required.

Maps will not be collected at the finish. Competitors are reminded this is a Championship race so please do not show your map to those yet to start.

To reduce the risk of spreading Ash Die-back and other non-native plant diseases please follow the general guidance:

Check, Clean, Dry

Please check clothing and equipment before leaving home and again in the car park after the event to ensure that there is no visible plant material on your shoes or clothing. If there is it should be removed and left on site. Knock off any soil or leaf litter. Once home thoroughly clean your footwear and clothing, then leave them to dry as long as possible.


The Response Group will provide first aid in the Assembly field.

The best A & E to use is at
Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Road
SO16 6YD
02380 77722

There is also an A & E at Salisbury, Odstock Road, Salisbury. SP2 8BJ

Telephone  01722 336262         if that is on your way home.


Cancellation is the last resort. However if very bad weather is forecast or some unforeseen event makes it necessary to cancel a notice will be placed on the SOC website. If the event is cancelled SOC reserves the right to retain part of the entry fee to cover cost already occurred.


Planners:        Nick Bosbury, Simon Bevan

Controller:      Peter Brett (DEVON)

Organiser:      Mary Nixon – or phone 01794 516298 before 9pm

Deputy            Kevin Bracher