Classic Weekend 2017 – Results and Photos

The 50th November Classic


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Southern Championship Winners



The New Forest was at it’s autumnal best for the 50th November Classic. Beautiful bramble free forest, open heathland and the chance to see the wild ponies, cattle and donkeys make for a great day in the woods. After the recent heavy rain the car park field proved very challenging but everyone got in and was able to enjoy the village atmosphere of a large marquee, where the Southern Championship prize giving took place, There was an opportunity to purchase equipment from our two orienteering traders. The food vendors set up on a lovely grassy open area where people were able to sit at tables in the sunshine, discussing their runs and looking at the large results display.
The event attracted almost 1000 runners from 70 different clubs, including one competitor from Sweden and one from Australia. The pull of this beautiful natural area still continues to attract people from all over the country – Scotland to Cornwall, Newcastle to Suffolk.
The well planned courses by Nick Bosbury and Simon Bevan were well received, physically and mentally challenging. The mud wasn’t too deep apart from the actual Highland Water crossing points.
Southern Champions were:
  • M10   Ben Perry  DEVON
  • M12   Ben Gostick HH
  • M14   Jim Bailey   BOK
  • M16   Thomas Howell   SN
  • M18   Harry Fox   DEVON
  • M20   Sam Fielding HH
  • M21   Patrick Jaffe  SO
  • M35   Ed Catmur   SLOW
  • M40   Geoff Ellis   RAFO
  • M45   Laurence Townley   SN
  • M50   Clive Hallett   BOK
  • M55   Roger Thetford   TVOC
  • M60   Rob Parkinson   DEVON
  • M65   Martin Wilson   BKO
  • M70   Ian Cooper   BKO
  • M75   Andy MacGregor   BADO
  • M80   Bill Vigar   QO
  • M85   Michael Gammon   SO
  • W10   Lyra Medlock   WSX
  • W12   Sarah Darley   GO
  • W14   Scarlet Heap   SO
  • W16   Sarah Horsler   WIM
  • W18   Bethany Kippin   TVOC
  • W20   Abigail Bateman   UBOC
  • W21   Fiona Bunn   TVOC
  • W35   Jane Baldock   BOK
  • W40   Anna Chapman   SO
  • W45   Julia Jarvis   SO
  • W50   Dorte Torpe Hansen   SLOW
  • W55   Alice Bedwell   BOK
  • W60   Alison Simmons   BOK
  • W65   Sarah Brown   SLOW
  • W70   Carol Pearce   DEVON
  • W75   Clare Fletcher   BOK
  • W80   Mary Fogo   SO
Congratulations to all the winners.
The Club are very grateful to all the people who made this event happen. It was wonderful to welcome Mike Johnson to present the prizes. He had organised the first Classic, back in 1968. He enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones.
The volunteers,from SOC, former members of SOC and other clubs, make this kind of event happen. Many of them went beyond the call of duty for which the competitors gave grateful thanks.
Mary Nixon

Southampton City Race 2017


Results for sharing (also good for seeing all your club results on one page)



Class Winners:

  • Open Women – Sarah Rollins SN
  • Open Men – Adam Potter BOK
  • Veteran Women – Alison Howe SAX
  • Veteran Men – John Owens BAOC
  • Supervet Women – Janet Rosen HH
  • Supervet Men – Quentin Harding SROC
  • Ultravet Women – Christine Kiddier GO
  • Ultravet Men – David Jukes BKO
  • Hypervet Women – Ruth Rhodes SO
  • Hypervet Men – Frank Ince SWOC
  • Junior Women – Rachel Duckworth DVO
  • Junior Men – Adam Conway GO
  • Young Junior Women – Ella May Rush BOK
  • Young Junior Men – Vadim Presenti DFOK

The winners of the bib raffle:

First Prize: Silva waterproof backpack donated by Up and Running – Helen Bridle ESOC
Second Prize: £20 voucher from Ultasport – Gill Sharp SN
Third Prize: £10 voucher from CompassPoint – Elizabeth Treherne BOK

The winners of the juniors raffle donated by Ultrasport:

Girls – Charlotte Oakes WIM
Boys – Toby Prior SAX

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to hand out the prizes during the weekend but we’ll get them out as soon as we can.

Thank you!

We hope that you enjoyed the Classic Weekend as much as we did! Reaching the milestone of the 50th running of the event was a very significant one for SOC and we wanted to celebrate that milestone in a fitting way. As you can imagine, one club putting on a National, Level B, urban and a Major, Level A, forest event on consecutive days is quite a challenge.

The event officials and mappers worked on the event over the last two years and its been a sometimes bumpy ride. But we hope, we think, that the efforts put in were worth it. As the event organisers, myself and Mary Nixon, relied on so many people to take on tasks and give up many hours of their own time to bring everything together. Everyone who helped in whatever way, big or small, deserves and gets our heartfelt thanks. But there are some who we feel deserve special mention:

Nick Bosbury for planning the excellent Classic courses and for being a driving force in delivering this celebration.

Simon Bevan for the amazing map used for the Classic and for assisting Nick in the planning process.

Colin Hicks for mapping and planning the Southampton City Race and for his enthusiasm and dedication, not just to this event but to the Classic as a brand!

Controllers Peter Brett and Roger Thetford for their guidance, support and expert knowledge.

Tim Angel and Julian Hartwell for the logistics behind the Classic and particularly in keeping the traffic moving!

Terry Smith for keeping the results data in order and posting to all the various results systems.

And of course a huge thank you to you, the competitors, without you there is no event!

Mary Nixon, Organiser 50th November Classic
Pete Davis, Organiser Southampton City Race 2017



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  1. Mary/Pete: many thanks for organising a great November Classic weekend. Everyone seems to have really enjoyed it, and the weather today was glorious. The controls were all in the right place and very fair, the planning was good, and the results system worked very smoothly and quickly. I chatted with Peter Brett the Controller, and it looks like he and the planning team took great care in using fair sites and routes for appropriate age groups. All in all, a very professional and well-run event.

  2. Thanks to all those involved in the Southern Champs. Wonderful terrain (almost no bramble or gorse!) challenging courses and you made the sun shine too.

  3. I’d like to say thank you to you and your team for an excellent event! I think you set the bar high on the organisational front – the assembly building was fantastic – plenty of room and everything particularly well signposted. And the screen with rolling information and adverts for Ultrasport etc was very good.

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