2018 Results

Following an investigation into a protest, the event officials would like to apologise for the misplacement of control 145 on the above courses and hope it did not spoil your overall enjoyment of the courses. Although the control was not far from the intended site it did cause significant delays for some competitors, including those on the junior selection race. In the interest of fairness we have decided to remove the leg leading up to control 145 from the results. After consideration the leg after control 145 will remain in the results, as the misplacement did not have a significant impact on navigation away from it.
For further information please contact the organiser jillian.devine@ntlworld.com or 07817 553072

Provisional Results

 Results are available on the Race Results website, including splits analysis. The quickest way to get to your result and splits is to search using your name to get to your personal results page.
Updated results following the upheld protest on the Blue course will be available soon.


Draw and view your routes.

Mr Men String Course

Well done to all the juniors who had a go at the Mr Men string course this weekend. Your results are below. A big thank you to Tamsin for planning the course and the Moran and Currie Families for all their help.


Name Club Age Time
Emma SO 7 9.30
Ralph MV 6 4.15
Hugh MV 4 8.40
Timmy TVOC 2 22.41
Sophie BKO 3 14.45
Lucia BKO 2 14.42
Christopher SO 5 8.46
Hannah SO 3 10.21
Anna Marie SLOW 7 5.13
Krum SLOW 4 5.51
Theo HH 5 9.38
Emma SOC 11 3.40
Oliver NWO 1 22.11
Emilia TVOC 2 29.35
Alice WIMBOURNE 8 3.05
Duncan SOC 9 3.19

Lost Property

  • Grey wiggle drinks bottle
  • Clear visor with black velcro strap
  • Green and white Chilterns buff
  • Thumb compass.

Can be claimed from jillian.devine@ntlworld.com or 07817 553072.