2015 November Classic

This page is an extract from Final Details 2015 (PDF)


Sunday, 1st November 2015.


The car park and event centre are at Burley Park, Burley Village, BH24 4AA. Grid ref: SU212031. Lat/Long: 50.827501,-1.699656.

Assembly will be in a field with parking on grass with a paved entrance and exit. Please advise the Organiser if you intend to bring a coach.


From the North, West and East leave the A31 at Picket Post  and follow signs to Burley. In Burley turn Left at the Queens Head PH. From the South, West and East leave the A35  at Holmsley and follow signs to Burley. Turn right at the Queens Head.

If travelling from the East along the A35 please do not take the fork after Lyndhurst but carry on to Holmsley as access to the event is from the centre of Burley.

There is no parking charge.


Toilets at Assembly. NOTE – there are no toilets at the start.

First aid, Tom’s catering van, and Ultrasport  at Assembly


Online entries using Fabian4: Click here to enter now!.

The closing date for entries is Sunday 25th October 2015. There will be limited entry on the day on the Orange, Yellow and White courses only and subject to map availability.

Entry fees are: Junior £6, BOF Member £15, other adult £17.

Entry on the day and pre-entries to the White, Yellow and Orange courses are: Junior £6, all adults £10.


Opens at 8.30. Competitors who have pre-entered and have their own Emit e-card should go straight to the Start.

Start times are between 10:00 and 12:30.

Individual start times will be published on Fabian 4 and displayed at the start and registration.

Entry on the day

Orange, Yellow, and White courses may be entered on the day, subject to map availability. Starts are between 10.00am – 12.30pm. EOD entry is  £10.00 for adults and £6.00 for children

Courses close at 2.45pm

EMIT Card Issue & Returm

Competitors hiring Emit cards should collect them from enquiries before going to the start. Hired Emit cards will be collected at download. A charge of £45 will be made for lost cards.


There is approximately a 1.5 km walk relatively level to the start and back from the finish. The route is along a minor road with one crossing. There is generally a grass verge to walk on  but please take care.

On the route there is an area to leave clothing which is approx. 450m from the start and 300m from the finish. This will be unmanned and can be used at your own risk.

Loose description sheets will be available in the start lanes except for the White and Yellow courses. White and yellow courses will receive their maps prior to starting.

Crossing points

On some courses, there are sections of grid mesh fencing which are not strong enough to climb without damage. These are shown on the map with a purple uncrossable boundary line. Please use the marked crossing points or cross the fence outside the marked section where there is no mesh present.


Colour Men’s Classes Women’s Classes Length (km) Climb (m)
Black M21   13.1 230
Brown M35, M40   11 205
Short Brown M18, M20 W21 9.1 175
Long Blue M45, M50   8.3 155
Blue M55, M60, M16 W35, W40 7.5 155
Short Blue M65 W18, W20, W45, W50 6.1 130
Green M70 W16, W55, W60 5.2 100
Short Green M75, M80, M85, M90 W65, W70 4.4 70
V Short Green   W75, W80, W85, W90 3.7 75
Light Green M14 W14 4.0 85
Orange M12 W12 3.5 55
Yellow M10 W10 2.7 35
White     1.9 30


Mapper and Planner Notes

Scale 1:10,000, 5m contours, updated 2015. Courses and control descriptions will be over printed on A3 waterproof paper.

There are numerous drainage ditches in the forested sections of the map. Only major ditches which are usually wet are mapped.

The undergrowth symbols have been used to indicate areas of bracken and gorse where they affect runnability in addition to the underlying ground cover. Much of the open area in the West of the map, especially the southern part, has large areas of scattered gorse bushes of varying density. There are a multitude of routes through these areas of gorse and the runnability screen indicates the overall impact on progress. Significant and impenetrable areas of high gorse have been mapped as fight. Individual gorse bushes have not been mapped.

The open areas are mostly a mix of rough heathland vegetation varying from forest lawns to knee-high heather. Some areas of heather have been burned leaving the stems standing. These have been mapped according to their runnability. As is typical of the New Forest, there are many minor tracks created by ponies and cattle. These are typically not mapped. There is a wide variation in the density of trees in the western, mostly open part of the map. Blocks of woodland are shown according to their runnability. In many areas there is an ambiguous transition from woodland, through scattered trees to open heath with distinct, individual trees mapped with a special vegetation symbol.


Results will be displayed close to Download

During the event we plan to publish live standings to the Internet at 10 minute intervals. Mobile coverage permitting you’ll be able to view your results at www.race-results.info. There is a link to a holding page there now so you can bookmark it if you wish. Vodafone and O2 have good coverage in the assembly area. Provisional results and splits will be published to the same website as soon as the courses close.


Full leg cover must be worn. Full arm cover is recommended. Whistles should be carried. In adverse weather we may ask you to wear a cagoule or similar waterproof top.


No water will be provided, please bring your own.


Please come to the event with clean and dry shoes and clothing. After your run please follow the guidance that helps protect our precious environment:

  • Check
  • Clean
  • Dry

Before leaving the event check your clothing and equipment and remove any mud, soil or leaf litter.

Once home thoroughly clean your footwear and clothing and then leave it to dry for as long as possible. Many invasive non-native species are able to survive in damp corners for very long periods of time, but are less able to survive if the equipment is thoroughly dried.

General Safety

  • Please take care when crossing and walking along Forest roads.
  • Do not approach or feed ponies, pigs, donkeys or cattle.
  • There is public access to the New Forest, please respect the rights of others, particularly riders.
  • Please report to download even if retiring as this will ensure we can check you have returned safely. Competitors travelling alone are encouraged to leave a set of keys at registration.
  • Competitors are advised to carry whistles.
  • Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety

If you have a High Risk Medical Condition you are invited to download and complete this form https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/images/uploaded/downloads/officials_handbook_safety_firstaid_medical_form_280514.doc. This can be placed in a sealed envelope with your name on the outside and left in a box at registration. Envelopes will only be opened if required for a medical emergency. Unopened envelopes should be collect after the event. Any envelopes unclaimed will be destroyed immediately after the event.

Course Safety Information

There is a cycle track on the forest road running through the middle of the area. Watch out for cyclists when crossing this track.

Safety bearing for all courses is to head South to the public road and then head West towards the car park / assembly area at Burley village.

The Blue, Long Blue, Short Brown, Brown and Black courses cross a minor tarmac access road in the middle of the area. Watch out for vehicles when crossing this road. There is a deep section of ditch which is difficult to cross safely in the centre of the area with a collapsed crossing point which is fenced off. This section is marked as a forbidden route. Only the black course passes close to this. One of the bridges further down this ditch is shown on the map, but is rotting away. This is taped with black and yellow hazard tape and should not be crossed.

All courses close at 14:45.


First Aid at Assembly and Finish

– Accident and Emergency units are at:

Southampton General Hospital (19 miles)
Tremona Road, Southampton SO16 6YD
Telephone 02380 777222


Royal Bournemouth Hospital (14miles,)
Castle Lane East, Bournemouth BH7 7DW
Telephone 01202 303626


Please be aware of the risk of ticks and Lymes disease. The area is frequented by ponies, deer and livestock and the usual precautions to avoid infection apply.


Dogs should be kept under control and on a lead when necessary.


Cancellation is a last resort, however if very bad weather is forecast or some unforeseen event makes it necessary to cancel, a notice will be placed on the SOC, November Classic and British Orienteering websites. If the event is cancelled, SOC reserves the right to retain part of the entry fee to cover unavoidable costs.


Unfortunately there will be no String course for young children. We are arranging a free activity in the form of a maze. It will be located adjacent to the Download. The maze will also be open to adults!