2014 Event Details

The 47th November Classic took place on Sunday 2nd November 2014 at Kings Garn Gutter in the New Forest.

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The November Classic Weekend on the 1st and 2nd November 2014 brings together two top quality events in one of England’s most beautiful and historic areas. On the 1st BAOC are holding an urban event in the ancient City of Winchester. More details are available on the event page on the British Orienteering website.UKOL LOGO CONCEPT v2

The Classic itself takes place on Sunday 2nd November and is the final event in the 2014 UK Orienteering League.


This year’s event is on Kings Garn Gutter in the New Forest. The event centre is at Ocknell Campsite.


The preferred method for entering is online through Fabian4. Online entries close on Sunday 26th October.

Postal entries are through Mary Nixon. See the event page on the BO website for details. Postal entries close on Saturday 25th October.

Entry costs are £12.00 for Seniors (plus £2 supplement for non-members) and £6.00 for Juniors.

Entry costs on the White, Yellow and Orange courses  are £6.00 for Seniors and Juniors.

EMIT hire costs are £1.50 for Seniors only.

There will be limited EOD on the White, Yellow and Orange courses only.


Please enter by Age Class. Only enter by Colour Class if you wish to run a different course to your age class.

Course No Age Classes Colour Classes Length (km) Climb (m)
1 White 1.7 45m
2 M10, W10 Yellow 2.5 50m
3 M12, W12 Orange 3.1 55m
4 M14, W14 Light Green 3.7 70m
5 W75, W80, W85 V Short Green 3.2 85m
6 M75, M80, M85, W65, W70 Short Green 4.1 85m
7 M70, W16, W55, W60 Green 4.7 80m
8 M65, W18, W20, W40, W45, W50 Short Blue 5.7 120m
9 M16, M55, M60, W35 Blue 6.7 130m
10 M45, M50 Long Blue 7.3 130m
11 M18, M20, W21 Short Brown 8.5 170m
12 M35, M40 Brown 10.2 210m
13 M21 Black 12.1 275m


The map has been updated by Roger Pleasant. A SCOA League Level C event was held here in March 2013. The map for that event is available on Routegadget.


Starts will be from 10:00 to 13:00.


Ultrasport, Compass Point and Red Baron Catering will be at the event centre.